38 Things I (Re)Learned at 38

38. Ask to go to his house.

37. You can love your job, but not be defined by it.

36. Dating is a team sport.

35. You can travel outside of the spotlight, and it’s freeing.

34. Eliminate/reduce time sucks.

33. You know you’re feeling better when you can fill a notebook with random observations about the external world.

32. You don’t have to define yourself.

31. Friendship is a two-way street.

30. Stop providing free therapy for men who are perfectly capable of paying a professional for it.

29. FOMO is freeing (working on making it JOMO is effort).

28. Say “yes” to friend dates.

27. You’re a grown ass woman, so treat yourself when you travel.

26. Spend more time alone.

25. Look for the incremental changes.

24. Move beyond examining white privilege and toward examining white fragility.

23. Read more than the year before.

22. It’s okay to be sad – like really, really, really sad.

21. The universe will send you dogs when you’re sad.

20. You can break the cycle of diet culture.

19. You are still madly in love with San Francisco, despite the haters.

18. New York is not for you beyond just a visit.

17. Experience art alongside the artists.

16. Run for the sake of running.

15. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations.

14. Develop a skincare routine.

13. Cook more, again.

12. You suck at knots.

11. Habits are malleable .

10. You can quit reading a book.

9. You can leave during a concert (or a play!)

8. A good night’s sleep is pretty fucking great.

7. It’s okay to get off course.

6. Make sure to find light in the darkness.

5. The darkness does go away.

4. Making individual coffee is easier than you thought.

3. Nobody actually has their shit together.

2. Own your choice not to have a biological kid (it’s never too late to start planning your empire instead).

1. The “you” that you really, really like? The one who has shaken up her life and achieved past dreams?

She’s still fucking here.

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