A Note on those Goals (and 37 Rad Things About 37)

It’s my birthday eve. Normally I take today to reflect on the goals I set the year prior, but as you’ve probably guessed, those went out the window this year.

Ruby Beach
A decent spot to make major life decisions.

That decision came to me as I walked down a nearly empty Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park last July, reflecting on the tumultuous first half of my 37th year and reveling in the stability that I appeared to be enjoying at that moment.  I realized that I’d done some pretty crappy math last January, it turns out 3 x 7 x 37 = a shit ton of things to accomplish in just 365 days. It’s also a lot of money, and although I didn’t talk about things too in-depth, I was living in contractland until May of this year. Planning ahead wasn’t a huge part of my Megenda for awhile (a real bummer for a Capricorn) and once things settled down for me, I needed to start righting the ship I’d been creatively keeping afloat since August 2015.

I am still grateful I did the exercise of setting those goals, and they definitely set a tone for the year at the start, but I was honestly okay abandoning them and stopping keeping track. It’s probably no coincidence that I didn’t train for any runs this year either. I didn’t stop running, but it was nice to be free for a year while I focused on meeting some basic needs in other areas of my life.

It was also awesome to see the spirit of the goals live on in others. There’s a handful of folks who’ve reached out to let me know they make their own birthday lists now, and it warms my heart more than writing 21 blog articles about travel ever could. To those of you who are currently working through a list – rock on! You’ve got this!

All this said, after my year off, I’m really looking forward to my 38 by 39 list that I’ll be publishing tomorrow. I feel like it’s much more manageable and I’m back to listing out things I both need to do and that i think I’m going to have fun doing. I can’t wait to share!

Speaking of sharing, since I don’t have a goal-based wrap up for you, I don’t want to close 37 without a little recap of the year. Especially considering, as I mentioned yesterday, a chunk of my digital existence got wiped out with my iPhone upgrade. So, here’s 37 things that were super rad about my 37th rotation around the sun.

  1. Getting hired at Adobe.
  2. Attending all 24 hours of Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.
  3. Getting back on track with my general health and fitness regimen.
  4. Rejoining my Eatwell Farm CSA.
  5. Taking a five-day solo camping/road trip around the Olympic Peninsula.
  6. Seeing Radiohead at The Greek Theatre in Berkeley.
  7. Traveling to Sayulita, Mexico for a week with many of my friends to see two of the most amazing humans on earth tie the knot.
  8. Adding yoga studios into the mix when I travel.
  9. Completing my first holiday Runstreak since December 2014.
  10. Emerging from Burning Man without injury and with greater clarity around a couple of situations I needed to sort out.
  11. Reviving my Advent Activism project.
  12. “Sneaking into” both Portland and Milwaukee without stressing out about trying to see everyone. (I’ll catch ya next time, folks)
  13. Girls trips to Sonoma, Philadelphia and Hollywood.
  14. Deepening my practice at Yoga Garden and finding a regular cadence with the morning schedule.
  15. Experimenting with fashion crafting a bit more with some personal projects for Burning Man and New Years.
  16. Going back to therapy.
  17. Traveling to Seattle, New York, and Boston for work and getting to see friends in all those places.
  18. Making the most of a work trip to Las Vegas by thrifting rad vintage finds, reconnecting with design friends at the Neon Museum, and ground scoring a flamingo and dancing my way up to the front of the stage for a Mark Ronson set.
  19. Learning to hula hoop from Cari Lee and being gifted my first hoop.
  20. Goat Yoga with Lindsay.
  21. Finally going to Austin.
  22. Actually dating someone for awhile (it didn’t work out, but it was nice to know I can still make space for this sort of thing in my life).
  23. Experiencing the RESIST: An Action in Drag Rage Against the Machine tribute with Lorelei.
  24. Seeing my name in the credits for Graphic Means (thanks Briar!).
  25. Framing and hanging a solid selection of artwork in my apartment.
  26. Getting a new tattoo at Diving Swallow in honor of my grandma (still working on finishing it).
  27. Seeing the amazing Roxane Gay on tour in both San Francisco and New York.
  28. Having beers (and meeting up at Hardly Strictly) with my friend Alex from college who I hadn’t seen in 15 years.
  29. Continuing to mentor students through Marquette’s mentorship program.
  30. Discovering that I secretly love the basic pampering of Dry Bar.
  31. Art directing Desert Shadows, a film noir-themed fundraiser, for my Burning Man camp.
  32. Reupping my commitment to continue to serve on the board of Walk San Francisco for two more years.
  33. Seeing Hamilton.
  34. Hosting my dear friend Ben in SF at long last, on a perfect Memorial Day weekend complete with a redwoods dance party and seeing whales from the Golden Gate Bridge!
  35. Handing out Countertype posters in the pouring rain at the Women’s March.
  36. Living in the same city as a blood relative for the first time since 1998 (and we both have the foodie gene).
  37. Getting to explore more of the wonders of California, from Tahoe to Wine Country to Gold Country. I love my adopted state.

There’s soooo, soooo much more that I couldn’t fit on this list. 37 has always been a lucky number for me, and well, I guess, despite everything, this year was a-okay for me.

Let’s do it, 38.

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