The 37 by 38

I truly can’t believe I just typed the number 38 in reference to myself. I’ve been getting used to uttering “37” for a month or two now, and wow, yeah, eeesh. But, seeing as I can’t figure out how to a) stop time or b) travel to an alternate universe where everything is totally hunky dory, I’ll proceed with a longer list of yearly goals than the last.

While the trivial pursuit riff was fun, I’m going back to a more classic approach this year, broken up into patterns of 3×7 (get it? 37?). You’ll notice two big themes are improving fitness and feminism, I figure being disciplined in both prepares me for the fight ahead and as my Advent Activism project taught me, that’s a big one.

Without further ado, here’s the list, presented alphabetically by verb (ooh!):

1. Abstain from alcohol 3 different periods of 7 days each.
I promise they get better. But my Dry July last year taught me that taking a break is a good thing…but best broken into smaller chunks.

2. Attend 3 classes/lectures through 7 different organizations.
I’ve found a lot of good ones in the last six years, now time to dive deeper.

3. Attend 3 concerts each at 7 different venues.
I was miserable at attending shows last year. Committing to 21 concerts (and I’ve already purchased a NoisePop pass) helps remedy that.

4. Attend 3 events (screenings, performances, etc.) at 7 different Bay Area festivals.
There are so many film, music and art festivals in San Francisco and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the service. Time to actual look at schedules.

5. Attend 3 exhibitions each at 7 different SF museums or galleries.
Supporting the arts is high on my resistence list and balancing the ecosystem of established museums and galleries is a key part of that.

6. Attend 3 separate performances by 7 different performing arts groups.
See above.

7. Attend 3 yoga classes at 7 different studios/centers.
As I’ve started building relationships in the yoga community (seriously, this blog is called “Meghan in Midlife” for a reason), I’ve learned about other studios I want to try outside of my regular home base. I also really want to commit to yoga while I’m traveling.

8. Bike 3 times in 7 different towns/cities.
I haven’t had a biking goal for a couple of years. Time to bring it back.

9. Bring lunch 3x week for 7 weeks.
Fitness and health are tops on my list for this year, after a couple of years of stress have taken their toll. My pocketbook shouldn’t complain either.

10. Call 3 representatives 7 different times.
I already have my senators saved in my phone. It’s gonna be a long year of making calls.

11. Donate 3 times to 7 different non-profit organizations.
I learned about a ton of direct services organizations with Advent Activism. I want to continue strategically taking action.

12. Drink 3 beers each from 7 different breweries.
Offsetting those fitness goals. No, actually hoping this helps temper some bad habits by making consumption more mindful.

13. Go to 3 types of Fitness SF classes 7 different times.
I’ve started going to spin regularly with Amber and hope to Zumba again with Emily. I also don’t really mind the P90x classes. Need to make these things a habit.

14. Hang out 3 times in 7 different SF parks.
Optimistically imagining that the rain will stop one of these days (grateful for it still! Better than a drought) and I can chill with a book or friends in the city’s lovely outdoors.

15. Have a 3-stop outing in 7 different SF neighborhoods.
One of the downsides to moving to San Francisco’s best neighborhood is that I’ve slacked at going out in others. Hoping a goal like this will help me continue discover new parts (or rediscover ones I visited years ago) of the city I love so dearly.

16. Hike 3 times in 7 different counties.
Not putting a distance limit on this, but simply want to get back out on the trails. Have a summer hiking/camping trip in mind that would take care of a large chunk of this.

17. Interview 3 women each in 7 different states.
I truly enjoyed doing the email interviews I included as part of Advent Activism. I’d like to do more and hear different perspectives of women around the country.

18. Listen to 3 episodes of 7 different female-hosted podcasts.
I’ve been listening to Call Your Girlfriend and Design Matters for a couple of years now, but have a whole list of podcasts on my list to try out.

19. Listen to 3 full-length albums of 7 different female artists.
Another 2016 highlight was being gifted a huge record collection from my friend John. I’ve been spending much more time with vinyl, and, by nature of having my own place, music in general. I’ve rediscovered the joy of digesting an album and want to make it a goal to do so intentionally with the back catalog of female musicians who I admire.

20. Lose 3 pounds a month for 7 months.
The math here is 21 pounds gone by the end of the year. I won’t be sad if I exceed this. And hoping to be at least halfway there by the time I leave for Mexico in 9 weeks.

21. Make 3 dishes each from 7 different cookbooks.
Making my own food will help with the above. As I reorganized my kitchen recently, I noted how many cookbooks I have just hanging out. I need to put them to use.

22. Practice 3 languages in Duolingo for 7 weeks each.
My travel plans are dictating these. I’ll practice my Spanish for Mexico and French before September’s Montreal trip. Not sure if I’m going anywhere else, but want to keep my German active after letting it slack a bit this year.

23. Read 3 books each by 7 different women authors.
Instead of trying to keep up with reading books as they’re released, or in different categories, I want to have a better feel for writers and style. This may involve some rereading as well.

24. Read 3 long-form articles by 7 different female journalists.
Journalism needs to stay alive and I’m looking forward to supporting it.

25. Read or watch 3 articles/books/videos each about 7 different women in the type industry.
Being part of the Alphabettes community has helped me through some rough years. There are so many talented women in the industry I work in, and this exercise should help me get to know them a little better.

26. Run 3 miles in 7 different towns/cities.
Scaling back my running goals for this year, but I do enjoy seeing different places by foot. This should get me through my travels and add to one of the ways I can move.

27. See 3 films each at 7 different theaters.
I did really start going to movies again this past year and loved that. I did get comfortable at the Alamo though and feel like I probably missed some smaller films because of that. Committing to 3 films at 7 theaters should help balance out my cinephilia.

28. Send 3 cards/letters to 7 different out-of-town people.
Instead of random mail days, I’m bringing back the pen pal. Of course they don’t have to write back, but it’d be neat if they did.

29. Spend 3 hours one-on-one with 7 different friends.
I’m very lucky to have developed some incredible friendships in my nearly six years here. My birthday party last weekend was testament to that. I need to continue investing in the people who’ve provided me with such love and support.

30. Visit 3 galleries each in 7 different cities.
I need to make a conscious effort to see art when I travel and really get to know a city through its art scenes. Plus the folks at galleries usually have good tips on other stuff to do too!

31. Volunteer 3 times for 7 different organizations.
Now that my schedule is a little more known (knock wood), I feel comfortable carving out time to volunteer again. Just like calls and donations, volunteering for progressive organizations can help with the resistance.

32. Walk to work 3 times a month for 7 months.
This is a much more manageable goal than the one I had a couple of years ago. As a Walk SF Board Member for another year it also allows me to literally “walk the talk.”

33. Watch 3 films by 7 different female filmmakers.
Another “back catalog” goal, I’m looking forward to familiarizing myself with the work of some underrepresented women.

34. Watch 3 online talks each by 7 different feminists.
Inspired by the Cindy Gallop episode of Design Matters and colliding with a desire to watch more Creative Mornings and TED Talks (and the like), this should be an interesting project to tackle this year.

35. Watch or see live 3 performances of 7 different female comedians.
This one is for my friend Amy, who is constantly recommending comedians to me. Plus, I’m going to need to laugh during a somber year.

36. Write 3 paragraphs about 7 different travel adventures.
The gratuitous writing goal. Hoping this bitesize assignment gets the juices flowing.

37. Write 3 posts for 7 different publications.
A stretch for sure, but possible.

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